Friday, April 8, 2011

Ola...I'm stillllllll here

Hello world...I'm baaaaaaaaack!!!! What has gotten into me lately? What a slacker I've turned into. Shame on me! Sorry for not updating this site (*wink, wink...Laurie*) in 4-ever!!!!!!!!!!! So what has everyone been up to these days!?!?!? The Thompson's haven't slowed normal. :) Just a few things that have been on the books at our house:

  • Started Kindermusik with Mrs. Trish

  • We got our kitchen painted

  • I made new curtains for said painted kitchen

  • I made a lampshade for lamp in said painted kitchen

  • Mommy got to have 2 girls weekends (Memphis & Auburn)

  • Carter, our adorable nephew, turned 1. Where did the time go??

  • We got new sofas...yes, plural! 2 of them!!!

  • The boys saw Thomas the Train

  • Had pictures with live bunnies & a cute chick

  • Daddy is having a guys "golf" weekend...this weekend actually

  • Lots and lots of friend birthday parties

Coming up...we have 2 beach trips!!!! We cannot wait! We will actually be spending Easter at the beach this year. I don't remember not ever being in church on Easter Sunday, but I think Jesus worships at the beach too. :) We are all leaving Good Friday and then the boys and I are not coming home until the next Friday. Thank heavens for in-laws that have a FAB place in Orange Beach. We are truly lucky and blessed to have such a wonderful place...and wonderful grandparents to spend time with.

We come home Friday, April 29th, and then leave again Wed., May 4. It's the yearly "food show" trip in Destin. Typically we were just tag-a-longs with my parents, but with Brandon now employeed at Wood Fruitticher he (and I) will be working the show. We still make this a family affair, so Will, Morgan, Carter & Molly will all be coming down. This will be lots of fun since the boys (including Carter) will be a year older.

We are also trying to schedule a time to have a play date with our cousins (from Athens, GA) in Atlanta. Hopefully, it will work out sometime in May! :) Fingers crossed....

I just cannot get over how much my boys are changing. I think I say this every time I post, but really it's amazing. They are both definitely little longer babies(...cue baby fever, but Brandon is having none of it!). It's so wild to me how DIFFERENT they are from each other, but it's great too! You can certainly see their little personalities developing.

Brice loves every minute of his music class each week. He has met some new friends and loves singing with Mrs. Trish. We actually have CDs from the class that we listen to in the car each morning, and now Cooper knows all the words. It's pretty cute!

Coop is our little ball of energy! He loves running, climbing, throwing know your typical little boy. He also loves sidewalk chalk and since the weather has been gorgeous lately, we've done a lot of "chalk time." He loves, loves, loves to play outside!

More later, but I hope you are enjoying the beginning of spring...other than all the nasty pollen!


  1. I stumbled across your blog searching for info about the food show! I am going with my mom who is a dietitian in Atlanta. I promise I'm not a creeper (I know, hard to believe someone randomly typing from internet world) but anyway... hope y'all have fun! I know we're excited.
    -Lauren Moody

  2. When are you going to UPDATE THIS THING?!